About us

The Olive Leaf opened in Bloomington in June of 2010, and quickly became known for quality foods and exquisite flavors. 

The Olive Leaf is a tasting gallery featuring a broad selection of fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oils, exquisite aged Balsamic Vinegars, rich Wine Vinegars, and Gourmet Specialty Oils from all over the world.  


The Olive Leaf difference is - the freshest and highest quality Olive Oils available today! All our oils are harvested and pressed into oil within 4 hours, then shipped straight to the US. All of our oils are unadulterated, pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil with no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. Our Balsamic Vinegars come straight from Modena Italy, and are infused with fabulous flavor right here in the US. There are never any added colors, no artificial flavoring, no added sugars, and no preservatives. 

The Olive Leaf also offers Pappardelle's artisan pastas, a variety of complementary spices, and a variety of Indiana made food products, like JohnTom's BBQ Sauces, Bee Great Honeys, S.A.L.T. Sisters Seasonings, and Dillman Farms products. 

​In our store, you can sample our always-changing selection of more than 40 oils and vinegars, all on tap from our fustis and bottled on site. Stop by our store for your complimentary sampling. Taste the difference... at The Olive Leaf!

Bloomington Chocolate Company takes great pride in creating handmade truffles, delectable chocolate bars, Caramel Cups, and Blooming-O’s—our chocolate dipped sandwich cookies!

We use only fine ingredients: superior chocolates, premium dairy products, exceptional cookies, extraordinary wines, fresh roasted coffees, and artisan aged balsamics and olive oils. We finish each piece in true artisan style, with hand decorating. Our dedication to quality, artistry, and taste makes our chocolates the most delectable treat you can find!

Meet the Inspiration behind Bloomington Chocolate Company
Linda Armes

Linda’s favorite thing to do as a child was help her grandmother make candy, cookies and desserts for the  holiday season. They would sit around the kitchen table, wrapping pralines in waxed paper, pulling taffy until  it was light and creamy, pushing sweet chocolate kisses into soft, warm peanut butter cookies, rolling out homemade pie crusts, and then filling them with delectable fruits and custards.
After she won an Emeril Live contest and appeared on Food Network, Linda’s family and friends began to  encourage her to find a way to turn her culinary skills into a business. When she began making chocolate truffles for the  holiday season, everyone knew she was on to something!
Linda jumped into her formal chocolate education with both feet – taking chocolate classes, learning everything she could about different kinds of chocolates, creating recipes, and evaluating fillings. The whole kitchen was turned into a laboratory and her husband even created a new verb for what she was up to – “truffling”!
After what seemed like forever, Linda emerged from her kitchen laboratory with creative, distinctive truffles that had exceeded her expectations! 
Linda formulated her chocolate business in 2010, and formally launched it at a local Farmer's Market. Soon several Retail Stores signed on to carry the delicious treats. In 2014, Linda purchased an existing business, The Olive Leaf, and merged the two businesses into one, creating a retail spot where her chocolate customers could come and choose their own flavors and create a box of their favorites.